Camera add failure reasons and solutions

Q1: Failed to add the camera for the first time Check whether the green light of the camera flashes normally. If the camera status light is not flashing green, use a thimble to lightly insert the configuration hole or long press the reset button until the camera indicator flashes.   Q2: Determine whether the binding […]

What should do if the camera is offline?

Q1: Camera offline processing method 1. Check whether your device is power-on and the status light is on; 2. If you are using WIFI connection, please confirm whether you have modified the WIFI in the environment where the device is located-including the WIFI password and name, if modified, please reconfigure WIFl;3. If the reason cannot […]

Device preview help

Different devices support different functions. Preview interface only shows the functions supported. Light control:setup on/off,brightness,color temperature for light control device     Screenshot:snapshot current preview image     Recording: record current preview video     Full screen:tap button and switch to landscape viewing     Calendar:choose playback time to show all recording files wanted   […]

Add Camera

Add device Method 1: Enter to device list interface after login, click the t’ button in the upper right corner of the interface, and select the add device” button.Method 2: Click the’+’ button in the interface to enter directly to add device interface.     1. There is a QR code on the device body:Scan […]

App Operation

Log in This APP support “account log-in”, third-party log-in” and local experience”.Account log-in: At log-in interface, input user name/cellphone number/email address and password, click ‘0K” and log in.Third-party log-in: Click the icon of third-party network social software, authorize the APP to log in.Local experience: Users can use the APP without log-in.Remember the password: Supportremem-berring the […]

Frequently Asked Questions

Question one:After installation, open the CMS and display “Cannot load plugin”? Answer one: 1.Please confirm whether the installation path uses Chinese when installing, and the plugin is temporarily not compatible with Chinese path. 2.After confirming the non-Chinese path, if the problem persists, you can contact technical support for assistance.   Question two:After connecting multiple channels […]

More features

User Management New user:①Click New User ②Enter username (required) + note name (optional)③Click to confirm   Modify permissions: Default: The default permissions include screenshot, video, PTZ settings, video playback, remote download 5 items modify:①Click edit permission ②Check the permissions and devices/channels that need to be assigned to new users (you can click to select all) […]

User parameter

Basic Settings Split screen number:The selected split screen number is displayed after the re-login, and the CMS provides split screen 1/4/6/8/9/16/25/36/49 nine forms of choice.   Display language:CMS currently defaults to 9 display languages, such as Simplified Chinese and English. When you choose to log in again, you will switch to the corresponding language.   […]

Equipment management

Add device Add a LAN device:①Enter the device management interface ②Refresh LAN device ③Check the device and click Add (LAN device can be filtered by entering IP/ID in the filter box)   Add cloud ID device:Manually enter the device ‘cloud ID number + channel number’, select ‘type’ according to the actual situation of the device, […]

Video playback

Video playback Playback four steps:①Select device channel ②Select video type ③Select playback date ④Confirm search video Retrieving the video requires three conditions of ‘device channel + recording type + playback date’. Video types include: motion detection, timing detection, alarm detection, and manual detection. Generally, all types of videos can be retrieved by default. The selection […]