Live Preview

Connection/Disconnection The list style is treeshape: connection: ①Double-click on the selected device/channel to enter the connected video state. ②After selecting the device/channel, right click and select “Connect Video” to enter the connected video state (Figure 1) disconnect: ③Double-click to disconnect the current connection after selecting the connected device/channel ④After selecting the device/channel, right click and […]

User login

Local login ①Enter account + password  ②Click to login Local login can be logged in using the default account admin (the initial password is blank) Local login mode can choose remember passwords orautomatic login (automatic login is not possible when auto lock status is enabled) Click the string in the login forgot password to be encrypted. […]

Installation login

Installation and operation Step 1: Run the EseeCloud_Setup_3.0.1.exe installation package Step 2: Select the display language when installing Step 3: Read and determine whether to accept the agreement Step 4: Determine the path to the installation Step 5: Installation is complete and you can choose to run immediately Related articles(Applicable to  ip pro, eseecloud and […]

Introduction to EseeCloud CMS

Function introduction CMS is called Camera Monitor System. It is a camera monitoring client for online preview image, video storage, remote playback, device management, video/screen download and other functions.  It is suitable for DVR, NVR, IPC, VR CAM, Wifi IPC and other devices. Camera suitable for IP PRO, VR CAM, EseeCloud app.   CMS has […]


Foreword Welcome to use our products! We are very honored to get your trust. In order to have a general understanding of our product CMS and facilitate your use, we have specially configured this manual for you, including the function introduction, operation steps, precautions, etc., which are essential guides for your use of this product. […]

Cloud storage details

Features 1. What is cloud storage? The cloud storage function is a video storage function developed based on technologies such as moving object detection. Cloud storage is divided into two types: alarm recording and full-day recording. Alarm recording refers to triggering the camera alarm when someone passes by or moves in front of the camera. […]


When added by LAN or cloud lD,indicate “device is not online” or “device is not registered” 1.Please make sure the network is normal and already enable DHCP on router. 2.lf users manually change network parameter of device,please change it to default parameter. Just press reset button for 10 seconds. Device is online and there happen […]