Camera add failure reasons and solutions

Q1: Failed to add the camera for the first time Check whether the green light of the camera flashes normally. If the camera status light is not flashing green, use a thimble to lightly insert the configuration hole or long press the reset button until the camera indicator flashes.   Q2: Determine whether the binding […]

What should do if the camera is offline?

Q1: Camera offline processing method 1. Check whether your device is power-on and the status light is on; 2. If you are using WIFI connection, please confirm whether you have modified the WIFI in the environment where the device is located-including the WIFI password and name, if modified, please reconfigure WIFl;3. If the reason cannot […]

Cloud storage details

Features 1. What is cloud storage? The cloud storage function is a video storage function developed based on technologies such as moving object detection. Cloud storage is divided into two types: alarm recording and full-day recording. Alarm recording refers to triggering the camera alarm when someone passes by or moves in front of the camera. […]


When added by LAN or cloud lD,indicate “device is not online” or “device is not registered” 1.Please make sure the network is normal and already enable DHCP on router. 2.lf users manually change network parameter of device,please change it to default parameter. Just press reset button for 10 seconds. Device is online and there happen […]