Camera add failure reasons and solutions

Q1: Failed to add the camera for the first time

Check whether the green light of the camera flashes normally. If the camera status light is not flashing green, use a thimble to lightly insert the configuration hole or long press the reset button until the camera indicator flashes.


Q2: Determine whether the binding failure caused by the router settings

1. The router has been set up to prevent Wi-fi squatter If the Wi-Fi connected to the camera is set to prevent Wi-fi squatter(black and white lists, MAC address filtering, etc.), the camera will not be able to connect to the Internet. The router’s prevent Wi-fi squatter settings need to be canceled.

2. The router is set up with 5GHz band wireless WiFi The camera does not currently support the connection of 5G band WiFi. Please open the router management page (generally marked with the address of the management page on the bottom label of the router), select the wireless setting 2.4GHz, and set it to on.


Q3: Check whether the mobile phone prohibit the permission of  EseeCloud to use data, WLAN, GPS

Domestic Android phones may prohibit the use of data, WLAN, GPS permissions for this application, resulting in the camera being unable to connect to WiFi. Solution (Android phone): Open the phone settings center-click “application management”-open the above permissions


Q4: Make sure that the WilFi account and password are filled in correctly

It is likely that the Wi-Fi account and password you connected to the camera are incorrect, resulting in the camera not being able to connect to the network. In particular, pay attention to whether there is a space input, and try to avoid complex and uncommon symbols.


Q5: Other questions

1. If the router is set to bridge mode, the WiFi signal will be unstable, causing the connection to fail. It is not recommended to use WiFi in bridge mode when the camera is networked.

2. If you are a campus / enterprise user and the school 1 company assigns each student / employee a static IP to access the Internet, you can manually enter the static IP information to access the Internet.At present, this situation is not supported by camera networking, need to select other available WiFi connections.

3. The camera does not support WPA / WPA2’s “enterprise” encryption method to connect the camera to the network. Support WEP, WPA–PSK 1 WPA2–PSK, or corporate WiFi without password. If the camera is networked in the corporate network environment, please confirm in advance whether the WiFi encryption method meets the camera networking requirements.

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