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Frequently Asked Questions

Question one:After installation, open the CMS and display “Cannot load plugin”?

Answer one

1.Please confirm whether the installation path uses Chinese when installing, and the plugin is temporarily not compatible with Chinese path.

2.After confirming the non-Chinese path, if the problem persists, you can contact technical support for assistance.


Question two:After connecting multiple channels of video (more than 30 channels), videos stop for a few seconds , all channels are automatically disconnected into the black screen. The device connected again has no response. Do we need to restart the CMS?

Answer two:The new version of CMS3.0.1 runs with higher memory. If you connect many channels by the lower configuration computer, the computer system will run out of memory, causing the CMS to run abnormally. If the computer configuration is slightly lower, it is recommended not to connect too many channels. The optimization work has been planned for this situation.


Question three:When CMS is installed on the OSX system, it displays “File is corrupted” or “Unable to open” when it is opened?

Answer three:

1.Open “System Settings” → “Security and Privacy” → “Allow applications to be downloaded in the following location”, check “any source” (applies to versions prior to OSX10.12.X);

2.Open “Terminal”, enter the string “sudo spctl –master-disable”, press the “Enter” key, enter the sudo password (applicable to versions after OSX10.12.X). If the above method still does not work, please contact us to help you solve it.


Question four:After starting a window and flashing, it will not start or XP will appear. Open the software to indicate 0a00000000 memory referenced by 0x00000000 instruction. The memory cannot be ‘written’.

Answer four:Large probability video card driver problem, update the graphics card driver can solve


Question five:It shows  mfc100u.dll lost when opening computer

Answer five:Install VC++2010 library to solve the problem

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question one:After installation, open the CMS and display “Cannot load plugin”? Answer one: 1.Please confirm whether the installation path uses Chinese when installing, and the

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More features

User Management New user:①Click New User ②Enter username (required) + note name (optional)③Click to confirm   Modify permissions: Default: The default permissions include screenshot, video,

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User parameter

Basic Settings Split screen number:The selected split screen number is displayed after the re-login, and the CMS provides split screen 1/4/6/8/9/16/25/36/49 nine forms of choice.

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Equipment management

Add device Add a LAN device:①Enter the device management interface ②Refresh LAN device ③Check the device and click Add (LAN device can be filtered by

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Video playback

Video playback Playback four steps:①Select device channel ②Select video type ③Select playback date ④Confirm search video Retrieving the video requires three conditions of ‘device channel

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Live Preview

Connection/Disconnection The list style is treeshape: connection: ①Double-click on the selected device/channel to enter the connected video state. ②After selecting the device/channel, right click and

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User login

Local login ①Enter account + password  ②Click to login Local login can be logged in using the default account admin (the initial password is blank) Local

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Installation login

Installation and operation Step 1: Run the EseeCloud_Setup_3.0.1.exe installation package Step 2: Select the display language when installing Step 3: Read and determine whether to

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Introduction to EseeCloud CMS

Function introduction CMS is called Camera Monitor System. It is a camera monitoring client for online preview image, video storage, remote playback, device management, video/screen

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Foreword Welcome to use our products! We are very honored to get your trust. In order to have a general understanding of our product CMS

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